The Real Fling series

Standalone saucy vacation romances that begin as a fling but end up as the real thing.

"Lyla Bellatas is a strong new voice in erotic romance-DEEPER is packed with strongly-voiced characters and sensual thrills!" 

~New York Times bestseller Eden Bradley

Deeper The Real Fling #1

Adriana Gallo is on the ski vacation from hell. Abandoned in the middle of a snow storm, she’s injured, lost a ski and is stranded until Valentin Barinov, the savagely handsome man, with the haunted eyes she shared a glance with at lunch, skis to her rescue.

Val's protective, guarded with so much simmering below the surface. Intrigued, the escape Val offers is too hard for Adriana to resist and why should she? Nothing else seems to be going her way. However, instead of a night of mindless fun they penetrate each other in ways they've never gone before. Will they unite their broken pieces and build something neither would have ever dreamed of?

Too much is never enough.


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Guilty Pleasures Review

"I expected a fun little romp with lots of hot sex and instant attraction, but as the title implies there was much more depth to this story than I thought making it an outstanding beginning to what promises to be an intriguing series."

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Under the Covers Review

“I really felt that I could connect with them as characters.”

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TWAM Nation Review

"Lyla Bellatas is now on my Must Read list. I’m looking forward to making my way through her Real Fling series. Give her a read. You will be satisfied."

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Book Obsessed Chicks

"She is one very talented debut author, with her sexy romance read, DEEPER"

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LOWER  The Real Fling #1.5

Maid of honor and perpetual nerd magnet, Eloa “Lo” Silva can’t believe the sexiest man she’s ever seen is interested in her. Has to be a joke, right? Wouldn’t be the first time. 

Best man and Olympic ski champ, Giuseppe “Joe” Bianchi, wins Lo over and after one awesome night of seeing, conquering and coming he runs. 

Four months later, at his best friend’s wedding, Joe does everything in his power to right the worst wrong he’s made with the most incredible woman he’s met. Will Joe be lucky enough to get a second chance?

Sometimes the lower you plunge, the higher you can soar.


Hotter The Real Fling #2

Fleeing Manhattan, after her failed engagement, tightly wound, Sandrine Tomasson escapes to a job interview she has no intentions of accepting,  in the Big Easy and comes face to face with the only fire to melt her ice.

Nine years after they met on a Katrina relief effort, Leonce Decoeur has never forgotten Sandrine. He’s given himself one last  chance to win her over and will do everything in his power to convince her to stay but does Sandrine have the courage to let love in?

Some Flames Never Go Out


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Guilty Pleasures Review

"I loved this fast paced and exciting story."

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Under the Covers Review

“This is a sweet romance with an erotic edge that I highly recommend for readers who want that warm and fuzzy feeling when they close their Kindle.”

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Amazeballs Book Addict's

"Hotter is a great quick story."

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